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Trees Add Beauty - Trees Add Value - Trees Sustain Life 

Capitol Tree Care & Affordable Stump & Tree Removal, LLC have merged. We as a company have a fondness and respect for nature that drives us.  We advance our quality through the application of knowledge and skill that comes from over 60 years of combined experience. William Shelton - Certified Arborist, and Gregg Hunt - estimator, have 30 years of experience and proudly serves the Northern Virginia area.  They works hands on and are involved with every aspect of the company.

We take pride in giving you personal and courteous service from the first phone call to the final cleanup. We approach every job in a prompt and professional manner, focused on your visions and expectations.

Did you know that properly pruned trees live longer and retain a pleasing, natural appearance? Tree trimming, pruning, and dead wooding encourages air circulation which reduces disease incidence and damage from high winds and ice. The general process of dead wooding is to remove dead, dying and diseased branches. This is to make a safer environment to be in, so there is no chance of any limb shedding or falling from the trees canopy. Without dead wooding, trees can fall on cars, property, power lines, and people, causing massive damage.

We know what it takes to keep our customers coming back again and again. We believe in the old-fashioned values of common courtesy, respect, quality work and professionalism. We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we have built with our customers. Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are the backbone of our business, bringing us the majority of our business.

Experience is vital when you need perfect results from a tree care company. We work well in team environments, and coordinate with other contractors to ensure smooth operational flow on larger projects. We know what we're doing, so we do it quickly and do it well.

Whatever your project, we can design an approach that is effective, safe, on-budget, and that suits your needs.